Saturday, November 15, 2008

Swope Park Trails are Here!

The ceremonial ribbon cutting or the new Swope Park Trail system was today. A surprising turnout of 30ish people in 30 degree weather for a much anticipated 1.3 miles of starter trail.

I had a great deal of skepticism when they announced the planned trails at Swope Park. Years ago I played soccer there and the problems that occurred with fights and people breaking in to cars left me with a pretty sour taste for Swope Park.

Fortunately I was wrong again, the trails are located further South and East of the recreational fields and offer parking along a busy road. The area seems to be far enough from the "Riff Raff" that it will provide a fun and safe place for riding and hiking.

The trails and terrain will offer some of the most diverse riding in the area, rivaling our flag ship trail system at Landol Park. With long sections of elevation gain, rocks, cliffs and sweeping turns Swope Park has the potential to be the Midwest's leading cycling area.

Future projects include a trail system that would link the Minor Park System and potentially have 60 miles of trail within the city limits! Imagine the first intercity 60 bike race? An out and back loop that would take the riders down Blue river, through the second largest intercity park in the US and out to Minor Park.

The cycling future is bright in KC!

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