Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reece and Emma at Deanna Rose Farm

Reece and Emma had a fun filled mornging with goats, baby goats, fish and splashing in the water. As usual, Reece found a fan and wanted to play with it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dead legs win

Dead legs were a plenty at tonight's crit race; Mark, Cameron, Kyle and I all had trouble with the pace. I popped after 17 minutes and never really recovered, Kyle was in and out. The ride home was in a strong head wind, but luckily we were motivated by the beer at the end of the rainbow. SM Park took a lot out of us and recovery is slow at 40 years old.

Might attempt the hill ride tomorrow, depends on the babe.

war out,


Results from SM Park race

Nice effort on the Slimen Team, took 7-10 overall on the 3 hour race!

I had nice lap times of 32:58, 36:18, 36:10, 37:15 and 38:10

Four minute drop from the 1st lap to the 2nd.

The first three racers are out of my league riders, supa Fast!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slimen Sweep!

Big day out at SM Park for the first mountain bike race at the park EVER! Finally the horse people are getting the boot and trail enthusiast can use the land.

The race started off fast with a 200 yard run and then mount the bike. I hit the single track winded with about 30 people ahead of me. The trails were fast and well groomed with a mix of rolling climbs, tight turns and lots of rocky sections that required a lot of power. After the first lap I was hurting and wanted to bail.

About midway through the 2nd lap I caught my wind and powered through the RG "Rock Garden from Hell" in the big chain ring; passing a half dozen or so peeps including Big Larry. I rolled by him knowing that the longer climb at the end of the lap he would pass me. He had a 20 second or so head start on the third lap and easily lost me on the climb up to the power line.

The third lap was my best; rolling again through the RG in the big chain ring and flossing the trail the rest of the way. Larry and I again traded places in the rock garden and on the hills. Bob was in and out of my sight along with a SKC rider and 360. At the end of the 3rd lap Kyle, Bob, Larry and I were within a minute or so of each other.

Larry powered right up the power line, leaving my sorry ass to sweat in the stiffing heat. The climb was freshly mowed grass, no wind and every bit of the sun beaming down on my fat ass! I saw his skinny ass dip into the trees 60 second or so ahead of me on the fourth lap. Once i hit the trees it felt like the A/C kicked on. I slapped it into the big ring again and powered through the rolling trail to the start of the RG. Just under the power line Larry was on the side of the trail adjusting his bike with another rider across the trail fixing a flat. There were a lot of flats; can you say STANS NO TUBES.

Bob was out of sight, but I caught a glimpse of Kyle mid way through the lap. As I rolled up on his wheel i down shifted and dropped the chain. A few cuss words later and I was rolling again. We spun up the final climb together and I went around him at the Power Line. Once I popped out of the single track and into the staging area, Bob was about ready to dismount.

He and I rolled thought the pits without stopping. His red helmet was well away from me as I crested the Power Line trail. Once i dipped into the single track there was no big ring for me. Legs were pert near cooked and handling skills were rapidly decreasing. At the RG I had to leave it in the middle ring, only using power to pass people. The rocks bounced me and around kept me off balance; much easier to ride when you can power through it. The final climb out of the RG had a limping Bob at the top. Cramps had set in and kept him off his bike for a few minutes.

I was cooked and very glad that we were on the last lap, although my current pace could have made the 3 hour cut off. Fortunately, I doinked into a tree a few times and had to dismount, get back on the trail and attempt to get my momentum back. At the start of the final climb, Bob had recovered and was rolling nice. I clicked the shifter a few times and gave my last bit of power to get through the climb.

A few short minutes later I rolled through the scores table a minute or so past the deadline (Thank god) and gave a fit bump to Craig then limped on to the pits.

Mr Bob joined me a few minutes later with the good news, he was second and I took first. It was about an hour later when we found out Big Larry took third for the "Slimen Sweep"!

Great Race, Great job Larry, Bob, Kyle, Ty and da PITTS

hope I never have to do it again! See all you clown at RIM


Ps. Heartland Series should think about getting Stan's No Tubes as a sponsor. That race would have made believers out of the non!

Pss My crappy little runners water bottle thing sucks; Bob cleaned house with the raffle and his 2nd place prize of a North Face Bag.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Versus and the Commercials they Run

I am fortunate enough to watch the Tour in the morning, but unfortunately I am watching it live and can't forward through the ridiculous amounts of commercials and the quality of the adds.

The silver dollar coin type thing that commemorates 9/11 is terrible

I know a few roadies that collect coins as a result of watching 6 hours a day of the Tour De France. Probably because they lack the social reasoning skills to see that its all bull Shit. Or their mental awareness is so dim witted due to long hours of exposure to other road geeks. not to rip on all roadies, but after a recent ride with a large group of them I am convinced the lack certain social skills along with their ability to handle the bike. The image bikers have in KC is bad enough with out these very experienced riders running lights, stop signs, crossing medians and being flat out rude. I am fortunate that I have a choice of never riding with them again.
A Few comments about the commercial:
"Many, many things bug me about this ad. From the sheer irrelevance of it being larger than a US bill, to the innate stupidity of 9+11=20 (if you add the numbers on the other side, they equal forty, so how can this method of marking the denomination make any sense whatsoever), to the poor quality rendition, to the requisite price slash from $39.99, and on.

But the most irritating part to me is that it says something about it being unofficial Liberian nonlegal tender or whatever. I can't even begin to get my mind around this aspect of it. What the hell does Liberia have to do with anything?

Liberia was where the United States government was going to ship all the freed slaves after the Civil War. Well at least until they realized that doing so would be a vast and expensive logistical undertaking. Liberia also realized there's a huge market for American yahoos who want coins to commemorate everything from Brooke Shields' First pussyfart to the Armageddon so they said "We want a piece of the action" and agreed to let these worthless trinkets be pretend currency in their country."

new blog, new kid

It my first attempt at a blog, with the new bambeener I have stepped up my efforts to keep my family and friends up to date on the Reece man and little Taylor. So far so good!+

Reece has been a blast with a few exceptions, seems to be adapting really well to the idea of having a baby brother. We all walked down to TCBY fer some after dinner treats tonight. He had a picnic on the bouncy slide that he finally will climb up and slide down.

Babe (Christy) is doing really well, very happy to have the new child and not be pregnant any more.

Our neighbors, family and friends have been super supportive with gifts, food and some really kick ass wine (thanks sis) from Oregon! I am lucky to get out and ride after the baby was born, otherwise I would be gaining all the weight I have worked so hard to get off.

I have a mountain bike race tomorrow that should be a nice challenge. A three hour race at SM park. Nice trails SUPA fast with a really long rock garden. I am optimistic on my results.

The Tour of Kansas City is next month, Sunday features a really fast and exciting Crit race (Like NASCAR on bikes) that I will enter. A few teammates and I will race the Cat five group, if my results are good I hope to move up to a Cat 4 for next year. Road races are not my thing, but a nice change of pace. Then we will transition into Cycle Cross Season, a supa fast race that last about 45 minutes with varying terrain and difficulties

Time fer some more water, piece out